Why I chose to have a C Section

Some people are scared of snakes and spiders, others are scared of height and flying... me, I was petrified of giving birth. I had heard so many stories from my friends and their “natural” birth experiences and I just kept thinking nup, can’t do it, not for me. 



I have been with my partner, now husband for nearly 16 years. We always knew we wanted kids but something inside of me was always like, nah not ready. Then I turned 30... 31.... 32....33 BAM pregnant!

The nerves kicked in, especially seeing the little bean on screen and made it all so real. 12 week scan, get the all clear from my obstetrician. Ok it’s happening, we are having a baby!


At one of my routine appointments I had the courage to mention to him how scared (terrified) I was about giving birth naturally. So I asked what the chances were of having a c section... his response... “your baby, your body”. It was that easy! I had done hours and hours of research and spoken to many women who had had a cesarean so it wasn’t something I had decided on overnight. After a lot of consideration, I knew this was the right choice for me.


The day come, 27/8/2018. I had to be at the hospital at 5.45am. I was first in. I put on a super stylish gown and did about 15 wees before I was wheeled away into surgery. 

Time for the epidural... ummmmm that didn’t tickle! That was horrible. 

Once that kicked in, time to start cutting. I was so so scared by this stage, but my cheeky OB said that he had started 5 minutes ago and I had not felt a thing. Although I was extremely nauseas and throughout the entire procedure I was trying to vomit but nothing came out. 

After about 10 minutes, Tahlia was here and she was beautiful...and LOUD. I got stitched up and had a severe case of the shakes for a good hour and a half. 


Recovery was not easy. I was unable to walk for 24 hours or easily pick up my baby. I was drugged to the max for the next few days to keep my pain under control. This on top of the sleepless days and nights and looking after a little human who was getting use to the outside world. 


I take my hat off to the millions of women who give birth naturally. I honestly wish I had the strength to go through the motions of labour, but I know I don’t have it in me, and I’m ok with that. My next baby I will do it the same all over again. Same Dr, same procedure and hopefully the same outcome of a beautiful healthy baby. I love my choice and I will do it all over again in a heartbeat. ❤️


Kate 💞