Navigating christmas decorating with a new addition

I wrote this blog post last year as a guest blogger.  I thought I would repost it here as it is all still relevant! If I thought babies were hard with a tree, toddlers are worse! There are no presents on view this year! Haha. Happy reading- Monique 


I adore Christmas! It is my favourite day of the year. To me, there is nothing better than family surrounded by food and presents and of course all the twinkling lights, red and gold decorations and a tree with perfectly positioned ornaments. I never forget to hang a sneaky bit of Mistletoe somewhere to surprise my Husband.

This year is our first Christmas as a family of three, this has tripled my excitement- and my anxiety. Every year I take so much pride in my beautiful tree. It is adorned with red baubles, gold and hessian flowers with twinkly white lights. Every bauble and flower have been carefully placed to look like something out of a catalogue. The dilemma I face this year is that I have a 6-month-old (Master Z) who is so close to crawling and will happily roll to anywhere he wants to go. He is basically a Houdini and you can never take your eye off him! You put a cord on the floor and he will commando roll to it before you can even turn around. Running through my mind in the lead up to Christmas is “how will I decorate for maximum aesthetic appeal but still keeping my baby safe and my sanity intact! I have decided this year I will not pull out my darling glass baubles, I am converting to plastic! If one gets pulled off the tree- no problem! I am going to hang all lights and decorations half way up the tree, think of it as the tree wearing a skirt and a top, might not look the best, but remember I did mention my sanity and the desire to keep it intact!

Master Z was great help when I started wrapping presents- he unwrapped as I wrapped, and it was a production line of wrapping and unwrapping. This year all presents will be elevated onto little tables placed around the tree, I cannot risk anyone getting a peek! I have also purchased a 2018 branded Christmas bear for Master Z and will place that on the floor to block the tree stump, if he plays with that again- no problem! The tables will also double as something to keep the cords of the lights attached to. Hopefully this will be enough to hide them!

We celebrate three Christmas’. You would think this would get a bit much but in fact It just means my Christmas joy goes for longer. We spend one day the weekend before Christmas with Dad’s side of the family, Christmas Day with Mum’s and Boxing Day with the In-laws. Every year I scramble around trying to sort through presents trying to find which presents belong to which day and as we have quite a large family, there is a lot of presents. This year, to make things easier I have decided to colour co-ordinate my presents. My Dad’s side is wrapped in red paper, Mum’s side in gold patterns paper and the In-laws are getting green. This should make things easier when we are trying to get out of the door, which is already a half hour task. Long gone are the days I would grab my bag and go.

Although Christmas this year is going to be different, it is going to be so much better with our new addition. I am excited to see him ripping paper come Christmas morning and although my tree my not be perfect, Master Z’s smile certainly is. I cannot wait to spend out first Christmas as a family of three.

My top tips:
Use plastic! Baubles and ornaments are available in beautiful wooden designs as well if plastic isn’t your thing.
Place all presents out of reach, babies love ripping paper! Small table places around can help keep presents out of reach and hide those cords.
-Colour coordinate your presents- this can even work per person if you see everyone on the same day
Don’t forget the mistletoe!